Oregon 2018 pt1


happy October everyone!

before I’m starting with my fall impressions I’m gonna post some pictures from this years family vacay in Tillamook, Oregon. We stayed there for 9 days and it was a really amazing time. Besides some trips we spent a lot of time at the little beach house we were staying in, so if I wasn’t reading a book or eating some cookies I was outside at the beach. The weather was nice, not hot but neither cold. In the morning the coast was covered under a thick layer of fog, but it always cleared up until noon. It was windy and sometimes pretty cool, but I ,personally, prefer  cool weather than hot weather.

What’s your favourite type of weather? And what do you think about the pictures?

till then, Eva

(ISO 280; 185mm; f/5.6;1/2000;6000×4000)|(ISO 220; 185mm; f/5.6; 1/2000; 6000×4000)| (ISO 280; 200mm; f/5.6; 1/2000; 6000×4000)





It’s me, I’m back from summer break and really motivated to continue this blog. I’ve got lots of pictures to share with you from our family trip to Oregon in July and right now I’m planning a new project I’m really excited about…

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